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Davichi promoting "Machi Urin Eobseossdeon Sai" (2018)

Davichi (다비치) is a K-Pop female duo debuted in 2008 under Core Contents Media. The group left the company in October 2012 but they declined the new label's contract and signed again with Core Contents Media a month later. In February 2014 their contract with Core Contents Media expired. They moved to MMO Entertainment.



  • Official Fanclub: Girls High


Davichi promoting Vivid Summer Edition (2008)
Davichi promoting Davichi in Wonderland (2009)
Davichi promoting Innocence (2010)
Davichi promoting Love Delight (2011)
Davichi promoting Mystic Ballad Part.1 (2013)
Davichi promoting Mystic Ballad (2013
Davichi promoting Nongneun Jung (feat. Verbal Jint) (녹는 중) (2013
Davichi promoting 6,7 (2014
Davichi promoting Umjigijima (움직이지마; Don't Move) (2014)



Digital Singles

Collaboration Digital Singles



  • [2008] Cyworld Digital Music Awards "Newcomer of the Month"
  • [2008] Cyworld Digital Music Awards "Song of the Month" ("Saranggwa Jeonjaeng")
  • [2008] Mnet KM Music Festival - "Best Newcomer (Female Solo & Group)"
  • [2008] Golden Disk Awards "Best Newcomer"
  • [2009] Seoul Music Awards "Best Newcomer"
  • [2008] Cyworld Digital Music Awards "Song of the Month" ("8282")
  • [2009] Golden Disk Awards "Digital Bonsang"
  • [2009] Melon Music Awards "Top 10"
  • [2010] Seoul Music Awards "Bonsang"
  • [2010] Cyworld Digital Music Awards "Bonsang"
  • [2011] Cyworld Digital Music Awards "Song of the Month" ("Annyeongirago Malhajima")
  • [2012] Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards "Song of the Year (September)" ("Annyeongirago Malhajima")

TV Shows

Seulpeun Dajim
Saranggwa Jeonjaeng
Annyeongirago Malhajima
Duriseo Hanjanhae
Tto Unda Tto

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