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Hatsuiku Status Gokiritsu Japon

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DVD / Blu-ray Cover
VHS Cover
Shiina Ringo
Hatsuiku Status Gokiritsu Japon (発育ステータス御起立ジャポン; Growth Status - Stand Up Japan)
2000.12.07 (DVD, VHS)
2013.11.13 (Blu-ray)
Catalog Number
TOBF-5044 (DVD)
TOVF-1351 (VHS)
TYXN-10003 (Blu-ray)
¥3,292 (DVD, VHS)
¥3,780 (Blu-ray)
  • Documentary
  1. The process of the music production and the practice scene
  • Live
  1. Hatsuga (発芽; Germination)
  2. Warui Nae Yoi Moe (悪い苗 良い萠; Bad Seedling, Good Sprouting)
  3. Gaichuu Kujo (害虫駆除; Extermination of Harmful Insects)
  4. Takai Takai (たかいたかい, Higher Higher)
  5. Haenuki (生え抜き; Native-born)
  6. Sakasetemite (咲かせてみて; Let Me Bloom)
  7. Konya Dou (今夜だふ; How About Tonight?)
  8. Mebana Yue Obana (雌花 故 雄花; Pistil Begets Stamen)
  9. Kougousei (光合成; Photosynthesis)


Hatsuiku Status Gokiritsu Japon is the fourth VHS and DVD released by Shiina Ringo, as well as her second live concert video. It was recorded during the secret rock bar tour of the same name on July 8 at Shinjuku Liquid Room. Shiina went on this tour under the name of "Hatsuiku Status" (Growth Status) instead of "Shiina Ringo" at the beginning. This band and the songs performed on this tour were named using words relevant to child-care, botany, or gardening. A Blu-ray version was later released in November 2013 to commemorate the singer's 15th anniversary in the music industry.

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