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Utaite Myouri ~Sono Ichi~

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Kame Pact side of Utaite Myouri
Mori Pact side of Utaite Myouri
Shiina Ringo
Utaite Myouri ~Sono Ichi~ (唄ひ手冥利 ~其ノ壱~)
Catalog Number
Kame-Pact Disc (亀パクトディスク)
  1. Haiiro no Hitomi (duet with Kusano Masamune from Spitz) (灰色の瞳) (original: Uña Ramos)
  2. More (original: Andy Williams)
  3. Chiisa na Kinomi (小さな木の実) (Japanese classic (from Bizet))
  4. I Wanna Be Loved By You (original: Helen Kane)
  5. Shiroi Kobato (白い小鳩) (original: Shuri Eiko)
  6. Love Is Blind (original: Janis Ian)
  7. Momen no Handkerchief (duet with Matsuzaki Nao) (木綿のハンカチーフ) (original: Ota Hiromi)
  8. Yer Blues (original: The Beatles)
  9. Nobara (野薔薇) (Bonus Track) (German classic (music by Schubert))
Mori-Pact Disc (森パクトディスク)
  1. Kimi wo Aisu (君を愛す) (original: Carmen Dragon)
  2. Jazz a Go Go (original: France Gall)
  3. Kareha (枯葉) (original: Edith Piaf)
  4. I Won't Last a Day Without You (duet with Utada Hikaru) (original: The Carpenters)
  5. Kuroi Orufe (黒いオルフェ) (Manhã de Carnaval)
  6. Mr. Wonderful (original: Peggy Lee)
  7. Tamanegi no Happy Song (duet with Shiina Junpei) (玉葱のハッピーソング) (original: Marvin Gaye)
  8. Starting Over (original: John Lennon)
  9. Komoriuta (duet with Saitou Koutarou on cello) (子守唄) (Bonus Track) (original: Chopin)


"Utaite Myouri ~Sono Ichi~" is Shiina Ringo's double CD cover album, and sold 397,000 units. The album reached #1 in Oricon Charts and charted for 9 weeks. This is technically her third album, though Shiina does not really count it as her third album. Songs on this album are sung in English, Japanese, German, Portugese and French. This album was released on the anniversary of the Shiina Ringo's debut single, Koufukuron. 'Utaite Myouri' translates to 'A Singer's Luck' (it should be noted that 'Utaite' is spelt with a very traditional word, and is comparatively rare compared to a more modern word for singer, 'Kashu'. Even the way it is spelt is outdated. The 'Kame-Pact Disc' is a reference to the fact that Kameda Seiji was the producer of it, and similarly the 'Mori-Pact Disc' was produced by Mori Toshiyuki.

Utaite Myouri is a collection of Shiina Ringo's favourite songs, and Shiina felt like she was letting her fans down by releasing an album full of covers instead of original pieces. Several tracks are duets (Tamanegi no Happy Song even being sung with her brother, Shiina Junpei.) Shiina Junpei released his album, discover, on the very same day (it even contained a duet with Shiina Ringo called 'WHERE IS THE LOVE')

If the languages that are found on Utaite Myouri are counted up (and a mix of languages is counted as 1/2 of a song) then there are:

9 English songs
5 Japanese songs
2 German songs
1 and 1/2 French songs
and 1/2 of a Portugese song.

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