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History of BoA 2000-2002

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DVD Cover
History of BoA 2000-2002
DVD 1 Tracklist
  1. Play the "ID;Peace B"
  2. Chapters
    1. Program Start
    2. Before Debut
    3. First Stage
    4. First Music Video
    5. School, Friends
    6. Meet the World Star, Ricky Martin
    7. First CF
    8. Challenge the Korean No.1 Song
    9. The Best Rookie
    10. Happy Birthday Party
    11. Act in Situation Drama
    12. SmTown Carol
  3. Song Clip (Karaoke)
    1. ID;Peace B (SBS Popular Song Stage)
    2. ID;Peace B (Music Video)
    3. Sara (SBS Popular Song Stage)
    4. Sara (Music Video)
  4. Special Features
    1. Special Video Jockey Collection in SBS Popular Song (2000.9.3-12.24)
    2. BoA's Documentary (in USA, England)
    3. BoA's Photo Gallery
DVD 2 Tracklist
  • History of BoA 2001-2002 Jumping Into The World
  1. Play The "No.1"
  2. Chapters
    1. Program Start
    2. First Show Case in Japan
    3. BoA in Japan
    4. Health Management, Favorite Food
    5. Finally, the First Class of Korean Song
    6. 2002 Worldcup & BoA
    7. Music Video "VALENTI"
    8. Meet the World Star, Westlife
    9. I Love "Seoul"
    10. SBS Korean Popoular Awards, 2002
    11. Closing
    12. Staff Scroll
  3. Song Clip (Karaoke)
    1. Don't Start Now (SBS Popular Song Stage)
    2. Don't Start Now (Music Video)
    3. Listen To My Heart (SBS Popular Song Stage)
    4. No.1 (SBS Popular Song Stage)
    5. No.1 (Music Video)
    6. Amazing Kiss (SBS Popular Song Stage)
    7. My Sweetie (Music Video)
    8. VALENTI (SBS Popular Song Stage)
    9. Bonus track : Atlantis Princess (Music Video)
  4. Special Features
    1. BoA's Documentary (in Japan)
    2. SBS "Countdown" Star Rank - BoA 2002.7.19
    3. BoA's Making of Video

History of BoA 2000-2002 is BoA's first Korean documentary DVD.