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My Name

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Album Cover
My Name
2004.06.11 (Korea)
2004.08.12 (China)
2008.03.26 (Japan)
Catalog Number
SM-089 (Korean Release)
AVCD-23560/B (Japanese Release)
¥3,675 (Japanese Release)
CD Tracklist
  1. My Name
  2. Spark
  3. I Got U
  4. My Prayer (Gido) (기도)
  5. Woenjunhan Nalgae (One Wings - Embracing Each Other) (완전한 날개)
  6. Dugeon Dugeun (Pit-A-Pat) (두근두근)
  7. I Kiss
  8. Don't Give a Damn (Sanggwanupseo) (상관없어)
  9. Geureol Su Issgessji (Maybe... maybe not?) (그럴 수 있겠지)
  10. Etude
  11. Insa (Good-Bye) (인사)
  12. Feel Me
  13. Babogattjyo (Stay In Love) (바보같죠)
  14. We (Uri) (우리)
  15. My Name (Chinese ver.) (Chinese release)
  16. My Prayer (Chinese ver.) (Chinese release)
DVD Tracklist (Japanese Release)
  1. My Name (Music Clip)
  2. My Prayer (Music Clip)


My Name is BoA's fourth Korean album.

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