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ID; Peace B

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Album Cover
ID; Peace B
2000.08.26 (Korea)
2002.05.29 (Japan)
Catalog Number
SSM049 (Korean release)
AVCD-18029 (Japanese release)
¥2,520 (Japanese release)
  1. ID; Peace B
  2. Come To Me
  3. Chenyeom (Heart-off) (체념)
  4. Sara (사라)
  5. Bimirilgi (I'm sorry) (비밀일기)
  6. Andwae, Nan Andwae (No Way) (안돼, 난 안돼)
  7. Chama (Every Breath You Take) (차마)
  8. Whatever
  9. I'm Your Lady Tonight
  10. Eorin Yeonin (Young Lovers) (어린 연인)
  11. Ibyeoljunbi (Letting You Go) (이별준비)
  12. Meon Hutnal Uri (Someday Somewhere) (먼 훗날 우리)


ID; Peace B is BoA's debut Korean album. It reached #10 on the Korean album chart and sold 218,000 copies worldwide.

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