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If I Believe

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Album Cover
Kuraki Mai
If I Believe
Catalog Number
  1. If I Believe
  2. Time after time ~Hana Mau Machi de~ (theater version) (~花舞う街で~; In the Town of Dancing Flowers)
  3. Kaze no Lalala (風のららら; Lalala of the Wind)
  4. Kiss
  5. mi corazón
  6. I don't wanna lose you
  7. Make my day ~album version~
  8. Same
  9. Just A Little Bit
  10. You are not the only one
  11. Tonight, I feel close to you (with Sun Yan Zi)


"If I Believe" is Kuraki Mai's fourth album."If I Believe"It was used as the "SEA BREEZE" CM song. It ranked #1 on the Oricon, charted for twenty weeks and sold 443,689 units. becoming the #24 album of 2003

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