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Single Cover
Kubota Saki
Ihoujin (異邦人; Foreigner)
Catalog Number
  1. Ihoujin (異邦人; Foreigner)
  2. Yume Hikou (夢飛行; Dream Flight)


"Ihoujin" is the debut single released by Kubota Saki. The song was used as the commercial theme song to the Sanyo Electric CM. It was reused as the CM song for the solar power generating systems of the same company. The single was the lead-in single to Kubota's debut album, Yume Gatari which was released two months later.

The single peaked on the Oricon chart at #1, which it reached in its third week on the chart (the previous week it ranked at #5). The single stayed on the Japanese Oricon chart for a total of twenty-five weeks. The single went on to sell a total of 1,444,820 copies. This is Kubota's best selling single and the 85th best-selling single in Japan.

The song has been covered numerous times by artists such as Acid Black Cherry, Kyushima Misachi, ZARD, Kasahara Hiroko and by AKB48's idol Iwasa Misaki.

Song Information

Kubota Saki
Kubota Saki

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