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Kato Miliyah M-Mix ~Mastermix Vol.1~

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Album Cover
Kato Miliyah
Mix Album
Kato Miliyah M-MIX ~MASTERMIX Vol.1
Catalog Number
  1. DESIRE (M-MIX ver.)
  2. HEART BEAT (M-MIX ver.)
  3. EMOTION (M-MIX ver.)
  4. Higher (M-MIX ver.)
  5. STYLE (M-MIX ver.)
  6. FASHION (M-MIX ver.)
  7. UNIQUE (M-MIX ver.)
  8. Love Forever (DAISHI DANCE REMIX) (M-MIX ver.)
  9. Love Forever (M-MIX ver.)
  10. SAYONARA Baby (M-MIX ver.) (SAYONARAベイベー)
  11. Megami no Hikari (M-MIX ver.) feat. Munetaka Maki (女神の光; Light of the Goddess)
  12. Yozora (M-MIX ver.) (夜空; Night Sky)
  13. ONE DAY (Yozora Remix) (M-MIX ver.) Miliyah loves m-flo
  14. LALALA (T.O.M. REMIX) (M-MIX ver.) feat. Wakadanna
  15. Jounetsu ~take 2 Remix~ (M-MIX ver.) (ジョウネツ; Passion)
  16. Kiss (M-MIX ver.)
  17. Breathe Again(M-MIX ver.)
  18. Last Summer (M-MIX ver.)
  19. Kono Mama Zutto Asa Made (M-MIX ver.) (このままずっと朝まで; Stay Like This Until the Morning)
  20. Konya wa Boogie Back (M-MIX ver.) feat. Shimizu Shota & SHUN (今夜はブギー・バック; Boogie Back Tonight)
  21. Dear Lonely Girl (DJ SHUYA REMIX) (M-MIX ver.) (ディア・ロンリーガール)
  22. HEAVEN (M-MIX ver.)
  23. Yuusha-tachi (T.O.M. REMIX) (M-MIX ver.)
  24. SIGN (M-MIX ver.)
  25. WHY (M-MIX ver.)
  26. RAINBOW (M-MIX ver.)
  27. Never let go (M-MIX ver.)
  28. LIFE IS A SONG (M-MIX ver.)
  29. UGLY (M-MIX ver.)
  30. People (M-MIX ver.)
  31. Better days -sweet love side- (M-MIX ver.)
  32. Lonely Hearts(M-MIX ver.)
  33. I’ll be there with you (M-MIX ver.) feat. AI & Aoyama Thelma
  34. LOVERS part II (M-MIX ver.) feat. Wakadanna
  35. 19 Memories (M-MIX ver.)
  36. Aitai (M-MIX ver.) (I Want to Meet You)
  37. YOU... (M-MIX ver.) feat. Nakasone Izumi (HY)


Kato Miliyah M-MIX ~MASTERMIX Vol.1 is the first mix album released by Kato Miliyah. It was mixed by DJ SHUYA.

Oricon Chart Positions

The album reached #22 on the weekly Oricon chart, and stayed in the ranking for a total of six weeks.

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - 22 3,963

Total Reported Sales: 3,963*

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