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Never Let Go / Yozora

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Single art
Kato Miliyah
Never let go / Yozora (夜空)
Catalog Number
  1. Never let go
  2. Yozora (夜空; Night Sky)
  3. Never let go (Shihgo.S RMX)
  4. Never let go (No More Mix)
  5. Never let go (Dance Hall Mix feat Bass Odissey)
  6. Yozora (DO THE BOBO JAMES RMX) feat. ILLMATIC BUDDHA MC'S (夜空; Night Sky)


"Never Let Go / Yozora" is the debut single released by Kato Miliyah. The song "Never let go" was used as the theme song for the dwango CM. The single reached #15 on the Oricon chart, and stayed on the chart for a total of eleven weeks. It sold 44,712 copies in total.

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