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Lam Yik Lin

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Album Cover

Sandy Lam
Lam Yik Lin (林憶蓮)
  1. Oi Ching I don't know (愛情; I don't know About Love)
  2. Dai Yat Chi Yeuk Wui (第一次約會; First Date)
  3. Siu Neui Dik Sam (少女的心; Girlie Feelings)
  4. Taai Yeung Saan Ha (太陽傘下; Summer's Umbrella)
  5. Bat Seung Nei Jau (不想你走; Please Do Not Leave)
  6. Mei Dik Pin Hak (美的片刻; Beautiful Moment)
  7. Gou Chuk Oi Ching Geui (高速愛情車; Love Vehicle)
  8. Fu Naan Jung Dik Siu Nin (苦難中的少年; Troubled Teenagers)
  9. Yiu Baai Hau Hung (搖擺口紅; Red Lips)
  10. Mou Sing Yeuk Wui (無聲約會; Quiet Date)


"Lam Yik Lin" is Sandy Lam's debut Cantonese studio album and her debut release overall in the music industry. Eight of the ten tracks are Japanese-based since the album was created to replicate the image of a Japanese idol. It had low album sales and mixed reviews from music critics, however, this album got the attention of critics and listeners alike.

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