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Yik Lin

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Album Cover
Sandy Lam
Yik Lin (憶蓮)
Catalog Number
  1. Oi Dik Fai Heui (愛的廢墟; Dumped Love)
  2. Dung Fong Sai Fong (東方西方; East and West)
  3. Mai Lyun (迷亂; Lost)
  4. Seun Ching Bat Gei (純情筆記; Innocent Diary)
  5. Haai Hau (邂逅; Unexpectable Meeting)
  6. Gik Ching (激情; Passion)
  7. Duk Haang Siu Neui (獨行少女; Tough Heroine)
  8. Ching Oi Fo Fa (情愛火花; Love Sparks)
  9. Kyut Jyut (決絕; Mind Made Up)
  10. Ye Haang Yan (夜行人; Nightwing)


Yik Lin is Sandy Lam's third Cantonese album. It became her breakout album after the style and content of her songs and image were changed.