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Ready (Sandy Lam Album)

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Album Cover
Sandy Lam
  1. Ji Jai Hung Gaan (自製空間; Self-Made Space)
  2. Wong Fan (黃昏; Evening)
  3. Jeui Gaai Naam Jyu Gok (最佳男主角; Best Actor)
  4. Ta (他; Him)
  5. Bat Jeui Ye... (不醉夜...; Undrunken Night...)
  6. Dik Hon (滴汗; Are You Ready?)
  7. Ha Yu Tin --Duet with Blue Jeans (下雨天--藍戰士合唱; Rainy Day)
  8. Jeui Gaai Naam Jyu Gok (Baan Jeung Din Lai Hau...at his penthouse suite) (最佳男主角(頒獎典禮後...at his penthouse suite); Best Actor (after the ceremonies...at his penthouse suite))
  9. Jan Seung Nei Ji Dou (真想你知道; I Don't Want You to Leave)
  10. Meng Wan Si Fau Je Yeung (命運是否這樣; Where Do Broken Hearts Go?)


Ready is Sandy Lam's fifth Cantonese album.