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Park Soo Ah

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Park Soo Ah (2018)

Park Soo Ah (박수아) is a Korean pop singer and actress under Celltrion Entertainment. She was a member of the girl group After School and of the sub units Orange Caramel and A.S. BLUE. She is also a member of the one-time unit Mystic WHITE. She made her debut in After School with the release of their third single "Bang!". She later made her solo debut in January 2015 with the digital single "Swiunyeoja Anieyo". She graduated from the group on April 30, 2018 when her contract expired.



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  • After appearing twice as a guest (two episodes in a row) on the TV-Show Running Man, in November 15th it was announced that she became a fixed cast member of the show, however, she later left the show in January 2011.

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