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Virgin (album)

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Album Cover
After School
  1. Let's Step Up
  2. Shampoo
  3. Virgin
  4. Bang! (2011 New Recording) (뱅!)
  5. Play Ur Love
  6. Dream (feat. Pre-School Girl Yoon Jo)
  7. Neo Ttaemune (2011 New Recording) (너 때문에; Because of You)
  8. Sigane Gidaeeo (시간에 기대어; Lean on Time) (Raina solo)
  9. Jal Jinaego Itjyo (잘 지내고 있죠; How Are You Doing?)
  10. Funky Man (Nana vs Lizzy (feat. Pre-School Girl Kyungmin)
  11. My Bell (Jung-A solo)
  12. When I Fall (2011 New Recording)
  13. Shampoo (Radio Edit)


VIRGIN is After School's first album. The song "Shampoo" was the lead single and the album includes three new versions of songs previously released on their second and third singles, however in 2011 re-recordings they feature the newest member E-Young. The album also includes two solo songs, "Sigane Gidaeeo" (Raina) and "My Bell" (Jung-A), and a duet between Nana and Lizzy, "Funky Man". Two songs featured Pledis trainees given the title 'Pre-School Girls', Kyungmin and Yoon Jo. "Funky Man" featured Kyungmin and "Dream" featured Yoon Jo, who later debuted on PLEDIS group Hello Venus.

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