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Violet Sauce

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Single Cover
Amuro Namie
Violet Sauce
Other Information
Production: Nao'ymt
Guitars: Takeuchi Tomoyasu
Mixing: D.O.I. at Daimonion Recordings


"Violet Sauce" is a Hip-Hop song recorded by Amuro Namie, and produced by Nao'ymt. The song first appears on Amuro's 28th single (fifth Double A-side) "White Light / Violet Sauce". This is her first single solely produced by Nao'ymt, who previously contrived several tracks to Queen of Hip-Pop. It was used as theme song for the Japanese release of the film Sin City directed by Robert Rodriquez. "Violet Sauce" was released via internet leak months before the CD was released.

The song has been described as "mysterious" and saying that it even as a "dark feel".[1] It opens with a guitar solo by Takeuchi Tomoyasu. A rock re-working of the song titled "Violet Sauce (SPICY)" was recorded for Amuro's seventh studio record and her first #1 album in seven years, PLAY (which however did not include "White Light"). This version of the song has a heavier rock song, and has a different intro using "Enjoy My Playland". It was not include as part of her BEST FICTION collect unlike "White Light".

Music Video

A shot from the video

Originally there was not a music video recorded for the A-side. However, the "Violet Sauce" performance from BEST tour "Live Style 2006" was used for the music video, to promote the DVD release of the concert.

Since the video is just concert footage, it has not been released anywhere else in her discography.

Concert Performances


There are four versions of "Violet Sauce" to be found in Amuro Namie's discography. They are listed in chronological order:

Violet Sauce
It is found on "White Light / Violet Sauce" as track #2. This is the standard version of the song.
Violet Sauce [Anotha Recipe]
It is found on "White Light / Violet Sauce" as track #3. Director Robert Rodriquez contributed the spoken word "Welcome to Sin City" intro to the song. This song has been re-worked into a more traditional hip-hop track with a hard bass, and Amuro also whispers during the verses of the songs, only singing during the chorus.
Violet Sauce [Instrumental]
It is found on "White Light / Violet Sauce" as track #5. This is the instrumental version of the song with the vocal track.
Violet Sauce (SPICY)
It is found on PLAY as track #10. This version of the song has a heavier rock sound.


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