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Zuanshi Tang

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Diamond Cover
Candy Cover
Pre-order Cover
WOW Concert Songs+Remixes Cover
Elva Hsiao
Zuanshi Tang (鑽石糖; Diamond Candy)
2009.10.09 (Diamond, Candy & Pre-order Versions))
2009.11.16 (WOW Concert New Songs+Remixes Version)
CD Tracklist
  1. Yanyu (豔遇; Beautiful Encounter)
  2. Shanshan Reren Ai (閃閃惹人愛; Shiny Love)
  3. Daoshu (倒數; Countdown)
  4. Wo Pei Ni Ku (我陪你哭; I'm With You When You Cry)
  5. Ni De Weidao (你的味道; Your Scent)
  6. Tongbu Huxi (同步呼吸; Synchronize Breathing)
  7. Bu Ai, Qing Shankai (不愛.請閃開; Don't Love, Just Get Out)
  8. Zuanshi Tang (鑽石糖; Diamond Candy)
  9. Tanbai (坦白; Confess)
  10. Women Duojiu Mei Qianshou (我們多久沒牽手; How Long We Don't Hold Hands)
  11. Chanli Chuanqi (顫慄傳奇; Thrilling Legend)
CD2 Tracklist
  1. WOW (feat. Show Luo)
  2. Shanshan Reren Ai (Break Beat Remix By DJ Z)
  3. Bu Ai, Qing Shankai (Trance Remix By DJ Z)
  4. Meiyou Ren (Spanish Version By Novade DC)
  5. Wo Ai Ni Name Duo (Just Chill Out Remix By Novade DC)
  6. Shuai La Shuai La (Salsa Hot Mix Remix By DJ Moolades)
  7. More More More (Techno Remix By DJ Z)
  8. Zui Shuxi De Moshengren (Urban Beat Remix By Novade DC)


Zuanshi Tang is the tenth album released by Elva Hsiao and her second after returning to Virgin Records. The album was initially released in three versions; Pre-order, Candy and Diamond. The pre-order version came with a poster, the candy version with a 2010 calendar poster and the diamond with three 2010 calendar cards. The album was later released with an extra CD that included a new song, "WOW", which was her tour theme song as well as several remixes.

G-Music Charts

Elva Hsiao promoting the album
Week Rank Sales (%)
1 17.27
1 9.69
1 12.92
3 5.69
1 11.46
4 4.87
6 2.11
6 2.13
12 0.83
out for 2 weeks
9 1.63

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