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Angela Zhang (album)

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Robot 3D Visual Edition Cover
Goddess Edition Cover
Angela Chang
Angela Zhang (張韶涵)
  1. OK Bèng (OK蹦; Bandage)
  2. Wèi Ài Ér Huó (為愛而活; When You Live For Love)
  3. Wǒ De Yǎnlèi (我的眼淚; My Tears)
  4. Yángguāng Kōngqì (陽光空氣; Sunshine and Air)
  5. Ài Méiyǒu Cuò (愛沒有錯; Love Is Not Wrong)
  6. Ài Lǚxíng De Rén (愛旅行的人; Travel Lover)
  7. Ài Cíchǎng (愛磁場; Love Magnetic Field)
  8. Tǎohǎo (討好; Ingratiating)
  9. Cì Qíng (刺情; Prickle Love)
  10. Huó Zài Cǐkè (活在此刻; Live at the Moment)
  11. Never Forget You


Angela Zhang is the eighth album released by Angela Chang. The album was released in two versions; a Goddess Edition and a Robot 3D Visual edition that includes a poster, photo booklet, & "Temptation Styles" coupon, it is Pre-order only and limited to 5,000 copies.

G-Music Charts

Angela Chang promoting the album
Week Rank Sales (%)
1 19.08
7 1.85
7 2.70
7 1.37
8 1.60
15 0.25

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