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Angela Chang

Angela Chang promoting Quánmiàn Lúnxiàn (2016)

Angela Chang (張韶涵, 张韶涵), also known as Angela Zhang, is a Taiwanese Mandopop singer and actress under the label Wonderful Music. Prior to her debut, Chang participated in numerous singing contests while studying in Canada, which eventually led to her moving back to Taiwan after graduating high school. Her debut came in 2002 with a lead part in the drama, My MVP Valentine. Soon after, Chang found herself in yet another leading role in the drama, At Dolphin Bay, which also had her featured on the soundtrack. This eventually led her to the release of her debut album under Linfair Records in early 2004. In 2008, her activities slowed down after she was diagnosed with the heart condition mitral valve prolapse and she was hit with controversy in 2009 after a feud with her mother became public.


  • Western Name: Angela Chang, Angela Zhang
  • Chinese Name: Zhang Shaohan (張韶涵, 张韶涵)
  • Birthdate: January 19, 1982 (1982-01-19) (age 40)
  • Birthplace: Taiwan
  • Height: 158cm (5 ft. 2 in.)
  • Weight: 40kg (88lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Family Members: Parents, Younger Brother and Younger Sister
  • Ethnicity: 75% Han Chinese, 25% Uyghur
  • Languages Spoken: Mandarin, English and a bit of Japanese
  • Education: Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, Vancouver, Canada
  • Hobbies: Reading, Singing, Listening to Music and Shopping
  • Favorite Artists: Nelly and A-Mei


Angela Chang promoting Aurora (2004)

Angela Chang has loved singing since she was young and has taken part in a lot of singing competitions. She got her breakthrough when she won in an international Chinese singing competition in Taiwan, representing Vancouver, where she studied in high school.

Angela first made her fame in 2002, with a leading actress role in the Taiwan TV drama MVP Valentine, co-starring national basketball player Yan Xing-Shu and Tony Sun from 5566, popular Taiwan boyband.

Then in 2003, Angela starred in the TV drama At the Dolphin Bay. It was in the TV drama that she made her professional singing debut with a cover of the song "Journey". Her fans were amazed by her voice, and the media noticed her music talent. It didn't take Angela long to release her first album Over The Rainbow in January 2004, as expected it was a superhit. Angela then released her 2nd album Aurora in December 2004, followed by Pandora in January 2006. Nearly a year later, Angel released her fourth album called Mèng Li Huā.

Angela is now working with both her singing and acting career, and is featured in a lot of commercials ads as well. Most recently, she starred in Taiwanese drama, Romantic Princess with Fahrenheit's Wu Chun.

In December of 2007, Angela released Ang 5.0. Although she promoted the album throughout the first quarter of 2008, her activities slowed down after she was diagnosed with the heart condition mitral valve polapse.

In late 2009, over a year and a half since her last release, Angela returned with her sixth album Dì 5 Jì. Although the album peaked at #2 on the G-Music charts, there was controversy surrounding the album release. Much of it was due to reports that Angela's mother was kicked out of her house due to money issues between her and her daughter. While fans supported the artist, many others criticized her, especially because family is such a huge social aspect in Taiwanese life.

In early 2012 she changed labels from Linfair Records to Wonderful Music and in October she released her album Yǒuxíng De Chìbǎng, over 3 years since her previous album was released.

In 2014 she made a comeback with her third digital single "OK Bèng" and released her fourth "Wèi Ài Ér Huó" less than a month later. The two tracks were added on her eighth self-titled album Angela Zhang in March.


Angela Chang promoting Pandora (2006)
Angela Chang promoting Ang 5.0 (2007)
Angela Chang promoting Dì 5 Jì (2009)
Angela Chang promoting Yǒuxíng De Chìbǎng (2012)


Digital Singles









  • [2004.05.10] Zhang Shao Han Zhi Ou Xiang Meng Gong Chang 365 (奇蹟之安琪拉-偶像補完計畫365)


angelachangpandora2010tourpb.jpg angelachangpandora2010tourpb2.jpg angelachangbeautifuldissociation.jpg angelachangbeautifuldissociationbaw.jpg

  • [2010.09.08] Pandora 2010 World Tour Concert Photobook (Paperback Edition) (張韶涵/潘朵拉星球巡迴演唱會寫真紀實(平裝版))
  • [2010.09.11] Pandora 2010 World Tour Concert Photobook (Hardcover Edition) (張韶涵/潘朵拉星球巡迴演唱會寫真紀實(精裝版))
  • [2011.01.19] Beautiful Dissociation (美麗的游離彩虹重生版)
  • [2011.01.21] Beautiful Dissociation (Black-And-White Edition) (美麗的游離彩虹重生版) (黑白版))


Note: This is an incomplete list
  • [2004] Metro Radio Hits Awards: Best New Artist (Overseas)
  • [2005] 12th Chinese Music Awards: Most Popular Song
  • [2007] 18th Golden Melody Awards: Best Mandarin Female Singer
  • [2007] Singapore Hit Awards 2007: Best Female Artist
  • [2007] Singapore Hit Awards 2007: Stage Presence Award
  • [2007] Singapore Hit Awards 2007: Artist of the Year
  • [2007] East-South Hits Awards: Most Popular Female Singer
  • [2007] East-South Hits Awards: Best Song
  • [2007] TVB8 Gold Chart Awards: Most Popular Female Singer
  • [2007] TVB8 Gold Chart Awards: Gold Song Awards - "Bù Tòng"
  • [2007] HITO Radio Music Awards: Top 10 Songs of the Year - "Yǐnxíng De Chìbǎng"
  • [2009] HITO Radio Music Awards: Top 10 Songs of the Year - "Bùxiǎng Dǒngde"
  • [2013] HITO Radio Music Awards: Stage Interpretation
  • [2013] HITO Radio Music Awards: Good Sound

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