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Angela Chang Live Concert: Taipei

DVD Cover
Angela Chang
Angela Chang Live Concert: Taipei (百變張韶涵世界巡迴演唱會:台北場)
  1. Meng Li Hua (夢裡花; Flower in the Wonderland)
  2. Pandora (潘朵拉)
  3. Dou Zhi Yinwei Ni (都只因為你; Only Because of You)
  4. Zhen De (真的; Really) + Caibutou (猜不透; Unable to Guess)
  5. Shouxin De Taiyang (手心的太陽; Sun in the Palm of My Hand)
  6. Baohuse (保護色; Camouflage)
  7. Mama Mama
  8. Ruguo De Shi (如果的事; What If?) (Christine Fan Cover)
  9. Yi Bi Yi (一比一; One to One) (Christine Fan Cover)
  10. Bu Tong (不痛; Not Painful)
  11. Koudai De Tiankong (口袋的天空; Pocket's Sky)
  12. Journey
  13. Nahan (吶喊; Shout)
  14. C Dadiao (C大調; C Major)
  15. Jing Buxia Lai (靜不下來; Nothing Keeps Me Calm)
  16. Kuaile Chongbai (快樂崇拜; Overwhelming Happiness)
  17. Xunbao (尋寶; Treasure Hunt)
  18. Xihuan Ni Mei Daoli (喜歡你沒道理; Like You Without Reason)
  19. Yinxing De Chibang (隱形的翅膀; Invisible Wings)
  20. Wo De Zui Ai (我的最愛; My Favorite)
  21. Yishi de Meihao (遺失的美好; My Lost Happiness)
  22. Yuyan (寓言; Fable)
  23. Aurora (歐若拉)


Angela Chang Live Concert-Taipei is the first live DVD released by Angela Chang. It features her concert held at Taipei, Tawian. It contains songs from her first four albums Over The Rainbow, Aurora, Pandora, and Meng Li Hua. Plus two Christine Fan cover songs.

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