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Gaia (Sandy Lam Album)

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Album Cover
Sandy Lam
GAIA (蓋亞)
CD Tracklist
  1. Wu Yan Ge (無言歌; Wordless Song)
  2. Ai Xiaoliao (愛笑了; Laughter)
  3. Ku Rong (Yut Yu) (枯榮 (粵語); Dry Wing (Cantonese))
  4. Hong Yan Kuang (紅眼眶; Red Orbital)
  5. Yexu (也許; Maybe)
  6. Hui (灰; Gray)
  7. Jimo Yongji (寂寞擁擠; Lonely Crowd)
  8. Gaia (蓋亞)
  9. Shizi (柿子; Persimmon)
  10. Jiashi (假釋; Release On Parole)
  11. Stay
  12. Liang Xin Hua (梁辛華) iTunes Deluxe Version Bonus Track
  13. Wu Lei Yan (吳雷燕) iTunes Deluxe Version Bonus Track
DVD Tracklist
  1. Wu Yan Ge (無言歌)
  2. Fu Wing (枯榮)
  3. Gaia (蓋亞)
  4. Shizi (柿子)


GAIA is the eleventh Mandarin album and thirtieth album in total released by Sandy Lam, her first album after a six year absence.

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