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Fooi Sik

Hong Kong Cover
Japan Cover
Sandy Lam
Fooi Sik (灰色)
  1. Fooi Sik (灰色; Grey)
  2. Jou San ("早晨..."; "Morning...")
  3. Jyu Ga Naam Yan (住家男人; Family Man)
  4. Mou Ching Sat Yim (無情實驗; Accidental Experiment)
  5. Mou Ching Sat Yim (戲假情真; Negative Feeling, Real Test)
  6. Fooi Sik Fa Zhuang (灰色化粧; Grey Make-Up)
  7. Dim Cheung Gei (點唱機; Jukebox)
  8. Ying Yu Sing (鷹與星; Eagle and Stars)
  9. Ji Hak Wut Yat Chi (祇可活一次; You Can Only Live Once)
  10. Mau Yat Go Jung Dim (某一個終點; One Ending)


Fooi Sik is Sandy Lam's fourth Cantonese album.