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Sandy '94

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Hong Kong Cover
Japan Cover

Sandy Lam
Sandy '94
  1. Do Se Na Se (多些那些; More or Less...)
  2. Ji Ga Go Dik Gu Si (芝加哥的故事;Chicago Story)
  3. Seui Jeung Nei Hou?! (誰像你好?!; Who Pictures You Well?!)
  4. Deui Bat Hei Liu Oi Duet with Anthony Lun (對不起了愛--倫永亮合唱; Incorrect Rise to Finish Love)
  5. Kyut Sam Remix (決心Remix; Determined Remix)
  6. Cham Leun (沉淪; Sunk)
  7. Chek Lo Dik Bei Mat... (赤裸的秘密...; Naked Secret...)
  8. Gam Ching Bat Lou (感情不老; Ageless Feelings)
  9. Ming Tin Sing Loi Si... (明天醒來時...; Wake Up Tomorrow...)
  10. Kyut Sam (決心; Determined)

"Sandy '94" is Sandy Lam's thirteenth Cantonese album and her seventeenth album total.