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Ken Yokoyama

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Yokoyama Ken (横山健, Stage Name: Ken Yokoyama) is the former quitarist from the Japanese band Hi-Standard (disbanded 2000), though now has started a solo-project. Ken's music could be described as 'Melo-Core'(standing for Melodic Hardcore), though it is punk rock, and all sung in accented english.

Ken's backup band consists of three members: Serge Verkhovsky (Bass), Ishida "Gunn" Masatoshi (Drums) and Colin Doyle (Guitar).

Ken's second album, Nothin' But Sausage, dut to heavily promotion and popularity sold 53879 units and reached #3 in the charts in it's first week.


  • Ken has performed with American punk band NOFX, to play their 18-minute song, The Decline.





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