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LADIES' CODE promoting CODE#03 SET ME FREE (2019)

LADIES' CODE (레이디스 코드) is a 3 member Korean pop girl group. They debuted in 2013 under Polaris Entertainment as a five member group. On September 3, 2014, member EunB passed away in a car accident. On September 7, Rise passed away at the hopsital. On February 16, 2020 Polaris Entertainment announced the departure of the group from the label after the end of their contracts.


  • Ashley (Leader, Lead Vocalist, Main Dancer)
  • Sojung (Main Vocalist, Face Of The Group)
  • Zuny (Vocalist, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Visual)

Honorary Members

  • EunB (Vocalist, Lead Rapper) †
  • Rise (Vocalist, Visual, Lead Dancer) †


LADIES' CODE promoting "KISS KISS" (2014)



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