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Mecha Mote Bunkasai Live

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DVD Cover
Kitagami Mimi (CV Ogawa Mana) with MM Gakuen Gasshoubu
Mecha Mote Bunkasai♡Live (めちゃモテ文化祭♡ライブ; Very Popular Cultural Festival Live)
Catalog Number
  1. Opening (オープニング)
  2. Mecha Mote I LOVE YOU (めちゃモテ I LOVE YOU)
  3. Quiz Corner (クイズコーナー)
  4. Mecha Mote! Summer (めちゃモテ!サマー)
  5. Notteru Kaa~i! (乗ってるかぁ~い!) - Okkyan, Ucchi, Chiichan, Gotu
  6. Kirei ni Naritai (キレイになりたい) - Ayubee, Macchan, Mikki, Ikuchi
  7. Daisuki ni Nare! (大好きになれっ!)
  8. Kokoro Kimi ni Todoke (こころ 君に届け) - MM3
  9. MM Collection (Fashion Show) (MMコレクション (ファッションショー))
  10. MM3 Corner (MM3コーナー)
  11. Mecha Mote I LOVE YOU (めちゃモテ I LOVE YOU)
  12. Encore
    • Kokoro Kimi Todoke (こころ 君に届け) - MM3
    • Daisuki ni Nare! (大好きになれっ!)

Bonus Features (NICE GIRL Project! Live Corner) Tracklist

  1. Young DAYS!!! - NICE GIRL Project!
  2. Doki! Kou iu no ga Koi na no? - Eri~na with Okkyan, Ucchi
  3. MAP ~Mirai no Chizu~ - Ogawa Mana
  4. Seishun Banzai! - Canary Club
  5. Shiawase no Katachi - THE Possible → NICE GIRL Project!


Mecha Mote Bunkasai♡Live was a concert event on November 17, 2009 promoting the anime Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou.

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