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Mizuki Alisa

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Mizuki Alisa promoting SpeciAlisa (2011)

Mizuki Alisa (観月ありさ) also known as Arisa is an Japanese pop singer, actress and model signed under the avex trax label and managed by VISION FACTORY. In the 1990s, she was under the label Columbia Music Entertainment.


  • Stage Name: Mizuki Alisa (観月ありさ)
  • Real Name: Miyakawa Arisa
  • Birthday: December 5, 1976 (1976-12-05) (age 46)
  • Birthplace: Nerima, Tokyo
  • Height: 169 cm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Hobbies: Collecting hats, DVD appreciation, Bathing, Ceramics
  • Favorite Foods: Curry Noodles, Melonpan, Yakiniku, Soymilk
  • Favorite Singers: Madonna, PRINCESS PRINCESS, ANRI
  • Pet: Dog


Mizuki Alisa got her start in acting when she was four year old by appearing various commercials. But, she made her real debut in 1991 in the dorama Mou Daremo Aisanai. She also debuted as a singer during the same time, releasing her first single "Densetsu no Shoujo" on May 1991. For very much of the 90s, she was produced by the famous producer Komuro Tetsuya. She also received many awards for her acting and singing, like Japanese Record Awards and Japan Academy Awards.


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