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Nakanomori BAND

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Nakanomori BAND (中ノ森BAND) is a four-member (formerly five) girl pop-rock band who debuted in 2005 under Teichiku records. The band has been described as having "cute visuals", and are recommended to be seen live. Their live performances have been compared to Céline Dion and *NSYNC, among others.


Former members


Nakanomori Band consists of five members, though focuses heavily on (and is named after) the main guitarist and vocalist Nakanomori Ayako. She was originally awarded the runner up prize for the Starlight Auditions in 2000 out of 1,000 entrants (The winner of this competition was the vocalist for the popular band w-inds., Tachibana Keita.)

The band's first two singles, Raspberry Pie and Whatever (used as the opening act for Odaiba Gakuen's Culture Festival on April 29, 2005), both charted around the #37 position on Oricon charts. However, in October of 2005 there was a member line-up change as the second guitarist Tomoe decided that she would leave the band so she could focus on entering university.

This was followed up a month later with the band releasing their more successful single Oh My Darlin' (it reached #22 on the charts), then two months later releasing their similarly titled debut album, OH MY DARLIN' ~Girls having Fun~. Suprisingly, despite the low sales for the band's singles, the album reached a position of #9 on Oricon charts.

Nakanomori BAND then began releasing singles for their sophmore album Do The Rock . The singles released were entitled i Need Love & Fly High. the album managed to get into the top 30 of the Oricon charts, although quickly dropped.

Since the last album release, the band have released Tabi e no Tobira and are preparing a release for their latest single Isobravo/Yukki.




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