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Paranel is a Japanese rapper under the LOW HIGH WHO? PRODUCTION label.


  • Stage Name: Paranel
  • Birthdate: Born 1981, birth date unreleased
  • Birthplace: Shizuoka, Japan


Paranel is a Japanese rapper, producer, and artist. He is the founder of LOW HIGH WHO? PRODUCTION, and due to this, has worked with many artists, such as daoko, Jinmenusagi, and GOMESS. It was built completely from the ground up, where he helped develop everything from the package design, the web presence, and the mixing/mastering of the music produced.

Before starting LOW HIGH WHO?, he was active under the label CTRL ALT DEL as well.




Other Works



  • Hyper Girl -Mukougawa no Onna no Ko- (Mixed: #1-#10, #12-#13; Featured: #8 "COLORS" feat. KuuyaMC, Paranel; Other involvement: Mastered all tracks, executive producer, jacket artwork & design)
  • UTUTU EP (Production: #2, #8; Other involvement: Designed, mixed, mastered, executive produced)
  • GRAVITY (Mixed: #1-#12; Lyrics: #5; Featured: #5 "GRAVITY" feat. Paranel, Jinmenusagi; Other involvement: Designed, executive produced)
  • Dimension (Produced: #5; Mixed: #1-#2, #4-#8, #10; Lyrics: #4, #10; Featured: #4 "Milk Tea"; Other involvement: Mastered all tracks, jacket photo & design)

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