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Sunadokei (Utoku Keiko)

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CD Cover
Utoku Keiko
Sunadokei (砂時計; Hourglass)
Catalog Number
  1. Natsu no Hi no Koi (夏の日の恋)
  2. Kireida to Itte Kureta (きれいだと言ってくれた)
  3. Mabushii Hito (まぶしい人)
  4. Doko Made mo Zutto (どこまでもずっと)
  5. Aoi Jikoku (Toki) (蒼い時刻(とき))
  6. Aisazu ni wa Irarenai (愛さずにはいられない)
  8. Sakamichi (坂道)
  9. Good-by morning
  10. Anata no Yume no Naka Sotto Nobiko Mitai (あなたの夢の中 そっと忍び込みたい)


Sunadokei is the debut album of singer Utoku Keiko. It peaked #1 on Oricon charts and remained for 14 weeks. It sold more than 160,000 copies on the first week, with a cumulative higher than 400,000 copies sold. It was also the 41st most sold album of 1994.

Oricon Chart Positions

Week Week Rank Sales Total Sales
1 1 162,070 162,070
2 3 72,640 234,710
3 10 49,290 284,000
4 12 42,060 326,060

Total Reported Sales: +400,000* (#41 album of 1994)

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