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Sunadokei (Utoku Keiko)

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Album Cover
Utoku Keiko
Sunadokei (砂時計; Hourglass)
Catalog Number
  1. Natsu no Hi no Koi (夏の日の恋; The Summer Days' Love)
  2. Kireida to Itte Kureta (きれいだと言ってくれた; You Said Pretty to Me)
  3. Mabushii Hito (まぶしい人; A Dazzling Person)
  4. Doko Made mo Zutto (どこまでもずっと; Always Anywhere)
  5. Aoi Toki (蒼い時刻; Blue Time)
  6. Aisazu ni wa Irarenai (愛さずにはいられない; I Don't Want to Be Not Loved)
  8. Sakamichi (坂道; A Hilly Road)
  9. Good-by morning
  10. Anata no Yume no Naka Sotto Nobiko Mitai (あなたの夢の中 そっと忍び込みたい; I Want to Softly Creep Into Your Dreams)


Sunadokei is the debut album of singer Utoku Keiko. It peaked #1 on the weekly Oricon charts and remained for 14 weeks. It sold more than 160,000 copies on the first week, with a cumulative higher than 400,000 copies sold. It was also the 41st most sold album of 1994.

Oricon Chart Positions

Week Week Rank Sales Total Sales
1 1 162,070 162,070
2 3 72,640 234,710
3 10 49,290 284,000
4 12 42,060 326,060

Total Reported Sales: +400,000* (#41 album of 1994)

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