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Who I Am?

  • Name: Aisasami (愛砂沙美)
  • Birthdate: May 23
  • Location: USA
  • What do I do? I am former college student who majored in Japanese and minored in Music
  • What I like in Music: Anything, especially from the 80's, 90's, idols, dance, eurobeat, and whatever.
  • Site: My Music Collection

My current goals are?

  • Creating pages for 80s and 90s artist pages.
  • Creating singles and album pages.
  • Fixing up the pages that have no information in them, no pictures, or just need a fixin'.
  • Getting some sleep.
  • There is a big list at the middle of this page, it's for my organizational purposes.
  • Sorry for the bad grammar, spelling, or mistakes here and there. I was either very tired or I just made a mistake.

Aisasami's List to do:

What I have done?

Mostly doing pages for artists like (aka the list to keep track of when editing other pages):

...and people involved with music like:

... and a lot of pages for:

And various little things to other pages (like adding current information, adding a picture, and etc).