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Karashima Midori

Karashima Midori

Karashima Midori (辛島美登里) is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter, lyricist, and composer.


  • Name: Karashima Midori (辛島美登里)
  • Nickname: Miri-chan (ミリちゃん), Karashima-sensei (辛島先生)
  • Birthdate: May 28, 1961
  • Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture
  • Blood Type: O


Karashima Midori tried to start her music career when she entered the 26th Yamaha Popular Song Contest in 1983 with her written song, "Ame no Hi", but didn't win the grand prix. After that, she worked part time studying songwriters after graduating from college. But four years later in 1987, she made her semi-debut with the single "Midnight Shout" that was used in the anime Makyou Gaiden Ledius. That same year, she started composing music for other artists, beginning with Nagai Mariko's "Hitomi Genki".

She officially debuted in 1989 with the single "Jikan Ryokou". But, it wasn't till her seventh single, "Silent Eve", that she got a big hit and her first #1 on the Oricon charts. Later that year, she would also when the Best 5 Singles Award at the Annual Japan Golden Discs Award with that single.

In 1994, she changed labels and went to Toshiba EMI, where she released the single "Aisuru Koto". The song won Karashima the Best Lyrics Award at the 37th Annual Japan Record Awards. About eleven years later, she later moved from Toshiba EMI to an indies label named Clover Records and later to Sony Music Japan in 2007.



Best Albums


Compilations / Others


  • [1992.05.25] BIRTHDAY
  • [1997.11.27] Crossing
  • [2007.12.06] LIFE GOES ON LIVE #1 Kawashima Midori (LIFE GOES ON LIVE #1 辛島美登里)

Composed Works

Asano Yuko
Hayashibara Megumi
Kimura Maki
  • Prism Eye (プリズムアイ) (lyrics and music)
Mizuki Alisa
  • Haru no Tobira (春のとびら; Spring Door) (lyrics and music)
  • Sepia no Kodou (Sepiaの鼓動; Pulse of Sepia) (lyrics and music)
  • Sunao ni Naritai (素直になりたい; I Want to Become Obedient) (lyrics and music)
  • Yurete My Heart (揺れてマイ・ハート; It Shakes My Heart) (lyrics and music)
Moriguchi Hiroko
Nagai Mariko
Natsukawa Rimi
Nishida Hikaru
Sakai Noriko
  • Yokegao (横顔; Profile) (lyrics and music)
Shimada Naoko
Uranishi Mariko
Yans Gyon
  • Itsuka Kitto Hooemi e (いつかきっと微笑みへ; To the Seeing That Smile Sometime) (lyrics and music)

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