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Nijiiro no Sneaker

Single Cover
Hayashibara Megumi
Nijiiro no Sneaker (虹色のSneaker)
Catalog Number
  1. Nijiiro no Sneaker (虹色のSneaker; Rainbow Coloured Sneaker)
  2. Koi no Scramble Race (恋のScramble Race; Love's Scramle Race)


"Nijiiro no Sneaker" is the fourth single released by Hayashibara Megumi, and it is her major label debut. This single is often listed as her first single since it is her first released with her long time record company KING RECORDS. The title track was used as the theme song to Hayashibara's Heartful Station radio program. The song was used as the raido program's theme song for over 12 years and was replaced by "Makenaide, Makenaide..." in 2003. Both of the songs found on the single were later released on Hayashibara's debut album, Half and, Half, which was released just a few weeks later.

The single reached #43 on the weekly Oricon chart, and it stayed on the chart for a total of two weeks, selling 11,000 copies.

In recent years the song was cover by anime seiyuu, Kugimiya Rie for her character role in Hayate no Gotoku!. The song was released on the compilation album, Hayate no Gotoku!: Character Cover CD and credited as Sanzenin Nagi starring Kugimiya Rie.

Hayashibara promoting the single

Song Information

Karashima Midori
Karashima Midori
Other Information
Arrangement: Murase Yasuhisa

Music Video

A shot from the video

The music video for "Nijiiro no Sneaker" was the first actually video recorded by Hayashibara Megumi (her previous single recieved an animated video). The video starts with Hayashibara walking out of a crowed city bus station. While walking she sees a door appear and a child appears next to it soon after. Hayashibara goes into the door and the video goes on to show clips of Hayashibara and the child running, playing, and singing.


There is currently only one version of "Nijiiro no Sneaker" to be found in Hayashibara Megumi's discography. Even though there is only one version of the song, it appears several times throughout Hayashibara's discography.

Nijiiro no Sneaker
Found on the "Nijiiro no Sneaker" single as track #1. A few weeks later the song was placed on Hayashibara's debut album, Half and, Half as track #3. Over a year later the song re-appeared on Hayashibara's second studio album, WHATEVER as track #15. The song was also placed on Hayashibara's first best collection, VINTAGE S as track #15. The track was also placed on VINTAGE White as track #2. This is also the version set to the music video.

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