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Lullaby Agetai

Single Cover
Hayashibara Megumi
Lullaby Agetai (ララバイ☆あ・げ・た・い)
Catalog Number
  1. Lullaby Agetai (ララバイ☆あ・げ・た・い; I Want to Give a Lullaby)
  2. Lullaby Agetai (OFF VOCAL VERSION)
  3. Lamune & 40 DX Kaizokuban Act III Aino Senshitachi Eien ni Yattenasai


"Lullaby Agetai" is the tenth single (fifth major label single) released by Hayashibara Megumi, and it is her sixth character single. The single is a collaboration with fellow seiyuu Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃). The single is a character single for Gourido Mawanten (ゴールドマウンテン) and Shiribaa Mawanten (シルバーマウンテン) from the anime OVA NG Knight Ramune&40 (NG騎士ラムネ&40). The single reached #82 on the Oricon weekly charts, and charted for one week.

Song Information

Izumi Sufure
Ryuu Tetsushi
Other Information
Arrangement: Osanai Satoru


There are currently three versions of "Lullaby Agetai" to be found in Hayashibara Megumi's discography.

Lullaby Agetai
Found on the "Lullaby Agetai" single as track #1. This is the standard version feating Mitsuishi Kotono, which was used in NG Knight Ramune&40 anime OVA.
Lullaby Agetai (OFF VOCAL VERSION)
Found on the "Lullaby Agetai" single as track #2. This is an instrumental version of the song without the vocals.
Lullaby Agetai <New Version>
Found on Hayashibara's fourth studio album, SHAMROCK as track #11. This version of the song is a solo version.

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