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Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness-

Single Cover
Hayashibara Megumi
Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness- (春猫不思議月夜 -おしえてHappiness-)
Catalog Number
  1. Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness- (春猫不思議月夜 -おしえてHappiness-; The Spring Cat Teaches In the Mysterious Moonlight)
  2. Touch me softly
  3. Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness- (Original Karaoke)


"Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness-" is the seventh single (third major label single) released by Hayashibara Megumi. The title track was used as the ending theme to the anime OVA of Takada Yuzo's Bannou Bunka Nekomusume. The b-side, "Touch me softly" was also used in the series as an insert song. Hayashibara voiced the series' main character, Natsume Atsuko aka Nuku Nuku.

The single reached #49 on the weekly Oricon chart, charted for two weeks, selling 8,740 copies.

Song Information

Hayashibara promoting the single
Matsumiya Kyoko
Kawauchi Junichi
Other Information
Arrangement: Kawauchi Junichi


There are currently three versions of "Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness-" to be found in Hayashibara Megumi's discography.

Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness-
Found on the "Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness-" single as track #1. The song was later placed on the Bannou Bunka Nekomusume Sound Phase 0IV soundtrack as track #16. This version was never released on any of Hayashibara's studio albums.
Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness- (Original Karaoke)
Found on the "Haruneko Fushigi Tsukiyo -Oshiete Happiness-" single as track #3. This version is the same as the standard version, just without the vocals.
In The Fluffy MOON Nite <New Version>
Found on Hayashibara's fourth studio album, SHAMROCK as track #13. This version is an English language version, which was originally performed by YAUMIN.

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