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C-C-B (2008)

C-C-B (Coconut Boys or ココナッツボーイズ) was a Japanese pop rock band from 1985 to 1989 and then 2008 under the label Polydor Records.



The band formed in 1982 when Watanabe wanted to start a band with Ryu and Sekiguchi as Coconut Boys. They performed at various events and live concerts later that year as they painted a image as the Japanese-made Beach Boys. They got their major debut a year later with the single "Candy"], the image song for a Yoplait Yogurts commercial.

Soon after, the band released their second single as they added Tagura and Yonekura to the band and changed their name to C-C-B. Their big hit came in January 1986 when they released the single "Romantic ga Tomaranai". Their summer single, "Lucky Chance wo Mou Ichido", was also a hit as the song gave the band's first appearance on the end of the year special Kouhaku Uta Gassen. They also won the Gold Award at the 27th Annual Japan Record Awards and the Best Ballad Song Award at the 1986's FNS Kayousai.

But, Sekiguchi left the group on 1987, causing the slow decline of the band's popularity. Two years later, C-C-B disbanded after their final live at Nippon Budokan. But, the band got back together later on. For example, all five members got back together for the final episode of the television program The Best Ten five years later. Also, the group's biggest hit, "Romantic ga Tomaranai", was used frequently in the dorama Densha Otoko, causing the group to became popular once again.

In 2008, the band got back together with only Ryu, Sekiguchi, and Watanabe as they played their first live shows at cities like Nagoya, Osaka, and Tokyo since their breakup.


C-C-B (1980s)

Studio Albums

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  • [1985.07.xx] Don't stop the C-C-B : C-C-B photo & song CoConut Boys
  • [1985.11.xx] Comic The Camera Boy C-C-B Tsuyaroku & Goroku Bokura ga, Boku wo, Zoom Shita (コミックザカメラボーイ : C-C-B写録&語録 ボクらが、ボクらを、ズームした)
  • [1986.11.xx] C-C-Byes, 100 Netsu (C-C-B yes,100熱)
  • [1987.02.xx] C-C-B Neikiss (C-C-Bネイキッズ)
  • [1987.09.xx] C-C-B go ahead: Shashinshuu Owari (4 6 east) Kara no Start (C-C-B go ahead : 写真集・終章(4・6 east)からのスタート)
  • [1989.11.xx] C-C-B Netafuri: Memorial (C-C-B寝たふり : Memorial)
  • [1989.12.xx] Close / C-C-B

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