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Sekiguchi Makoto

Sekiguchi Makoto (2008)

Sekiguchi Makoto (関口誠人) is a Japanese musician, music producer, and member of the band C-C-B. He started in the band when the band formed in 1982 as a guitarist and vocals until he quit the band on January 1987. But, he would rejoin his fellow band mates Watanabe Hideki and Ryu Kouji as the band reunited in 2008.





Videos / DVDs

  • [1989.12.06] No, No, Boyfriend (ノー、ノー、ボーイフレンド)
  • [2004.08.xx] Makoto Sekiguchi Live 2003-2004


  • [1987.05.xx] Hotel. (ホテル。)
  • [1988.03.xx] Seishun-chan (青春ちゃん)
  • [1989.05.xx] Mimitabu Sonna Yu~ko ni Horemashita. (みみたぶ そんなユ~コに惚れました。)
  • [1990.08.xx] Pajamas Press no Dousho Donburi (パジャマプレスの投書どんぶり)
  • [1992.02.xx] Fifteen Super Day (フィフティーンスバースデイ)
  • [2002.03.xx] 15 Byou de wa Karu Code Shinkou 160 Irasuto de Nattoku! Code Shinkou Neta Shuu!! (15秒でわかるコード進行160 イラストで納得!コード進行ネタ集!!)

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