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Yonekawa Hideyuki

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Yonekawa Hideyuki (米川英之) is a Japanese guitarist, composer, arranger, and former member of the band C-C-B.



After high school in 1982, Yonekawa would continue his education for two years at a guitar college. Then afterwards, he joined the band C-C-B two years later and stayed until the band disbanded in 1989. He also joined the band in a reunion 16 years later in 2005 on a NHK program. He would start his own solo career after the band broke up with the release of his first single, entitled "Private Lips".

In 1997, Yonekawa started to compose and arrange for television and film. He would also participate in the jam session Jam For Joy a year later. Then in 2001, he would join the jazz rock group N/Y Funk shot!!.




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