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Utsunomiya Takashi

Utsunomiya Takashi (宇都宮隆) is a Japanese musician, singer, and actor. Utsunomiya got his start in 1979 when he joined the rock band SPEEDWAY for three years. In 1983, he formed the band TM NETWORK with Komuro Tetsuya and Kine Naoto. He would later become an actor in 1989 by starring in various television dorama and became a voice actor for the TM animated movie CAROL two years ago. During this time, he would also start an solo career under the name T.UTU.

When TMN broke up in 1994, Utsunomiya would go onto to formed the short live unit BOYO-BOZO. Before the decade was up, he starred in the Japanese version of the musical RENT and reunited with his old TMN band mates in 1999 and then in 2007. He would also form the music project U_WAVE in 2005.


  • Nicknmae: UTSU
  • Birthdate: October 25, 1957
  • Birthplace: Tachikawa, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Blood Type: O


Studio Albums

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Videos / DVDs

  • [1993.04.21] T.UTU with The Band in Fix Box FLOWERS
  • [1993.09.09] T.UTU with The Band LIVE BUTTERFLY 10min.BEHIND
  • [1994.04.01] T.UTU with The Band Film Edision Club Water Dance
  • [1994.07.21] T.UTU with The Band LIVE Water Dance
  • [1996.11.25] Takashi Utsunomiya Tour '96 easy attraction 18th Aug.1996 Budokan Live
  • [1996.12.02] Takashi Utsunomiya Movement '96 easy attraction Mar.~Sep.1996 Document
  • [1998.10.01] fragile takashi utsunomiya tour '98
  • [2003.04.23] Takashi Utsunomiya Tour 2001 LOVE-iCE
  • [2003.04.23] Takashi Utsunomiya Tour 2002 TEN to TEN "Love-Peace"
  • [2004.05.17] Takashi Utsunomiya Tour 2003 wantok
  • [2005.10.01] Takashi Utsunomiya Tour 2004 OVERTONE LIVE
  • [2007.11.21] Takashi Utsunomiya 15th Anniversary Memorial DVD BOX
  • [2008.07.02] TAKASHI UTSUNOMIYA CONCERT TOUR2007 Solo 15th Anniversary

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