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10th Anniversary Best (Ieiri Leo)

10th Anniversary Edition Cover
Limited Edition A Cover
Limited Edition B Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Ieiri Leo
10th Anniversary Best
Colourful Records
Catalog Number
NZS-874 (10th Anniversary Edition)
VIZL-1989 (Limited Edition A)
VIZL-1990 (Limited Edition B)
VICL-65638 (Regular Edition)
¥11,000 (10th Anniversary Edition)
¥4,950 (Limited Edition A)
¥4,400 (Limited Edition B)
¥3,300 (Regular Edition)
CD Tracklist
Disc 1
  1. Borderless
  2. Sora to Ao (空と青; Sky and Blue)
  3. Answer
  4. Mikansei (未完成; Unfinished)
  5. Prime Numbers
  6. Kono Sekai de (この世界で; In This World)
  7. Spark
  8. Moshi Kimi wo Yurusetara (もし君を許せたら; If You Can Forgive Me)
  9. Aozora (あおぞら; Blue Sky)
  10. Koi no Hajimari (恋のはじまり; The Beginning of Love)
  11. Harukaze (春風; Spring Breeze)
  12. Relax
  13. Zutto, Futari de (ずっと、ふたりで; Always, Just the Two of Us)
  14. Hanataba (花束; Bouquet)
Disc 2 - Self-Cover 10th Anniversary Version
  1. Sabrina (10th Anniversary Version) (サブリナ)
  2. ripe (10th Anniversary Version)
  3. Lay it down (10th Anniversary Version)
  4. Time after Time (10th Anniversary Version)
  5. miss you (10th Anniversary Version)
  6. Last Song (10th Anniversary Version)
  7. Kimi ga Kureta Natsu (10th Anniversary Version) (君がくれた夏; The Summer You Gave Me)
  8. Soba ni Ite, Radio (10th Anniversary Version) (そばにいて、ラジオ; You're There, Radio)
DVD Tracklist
Music Video Collection
  1. Zutto, Futari de (Music Video)
  2. Relax (Music Video)
  3. Harukaze (Music Video)
  4. Moshi Kimi wo Yurusetara (Music Video)
  5. Kono Sekai de (Music Video)
  6. Prime Numbers (Music Video)
  7. Mikansei (Music Video)
  8. Answer (Music Video)
  9. Sora to Ao (Music Video)
  10. Ijiwaru na Kamisama (Music Video) (イジワルな神様; Unkind God)
  11. Kimi ni Todoke (Music Video) (君に届け; Reaching You)
  12. a boy (Music Video)
  13. Borderless (Music Video)
  14. Borderless (Behind The Scene)
Blu-ray Tracklist
  1. Koukotsu (5th Live Tour 2016 ~WE|ME~) (恍惚; Ecstasy)
  2. Bokutachi no Mirai (5th Anniversary Live at Nippon Budokan) (僕たちの未来; Our Future)
  3. Sabrina (1st Live Tour 2013 ~LEO~)
  4. Party Girl (5th Live Tour 2016 ~WE|ME~)
  5. Inori no Melody (6th Live Tour 2018 ~TIME~) (祈りのメロディ; Prayer Melody)
  6. Still (LIVE at Zepp 2016 ~two colours~)
  7. Bless You (1st Live Tour 2013 ~LEO~)
  8. Aozora (6th Live Tour 2018 ~TIME~)
  9. Bouquet (7th Live Tour 2019 ~DUO~)
  10. Kibou no Hoshi (3rd Live Tour 2014 ~a boy~) (希望の地球; Earth Of Hope)
  11. Silly (4th Live Tour 2016 ~20~ @Hibiya Open Air Concert Hall)
  12. Kono Sekai de (7th Live Tour 2019 ~DUO~)
  13. Say Goodbye (1st Live Tour 2013 ~LEO~)


10th Anniversary Best is the second best album released by Ieiri Leo. It was released in four versions: a limited CD+Blu-ray+Goods 10th Anniversary edition, a limited 2CD edition (A), a limited CD+DVD edition (B), and a regular CD edition.

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