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4th Part 1... Dasi Geotneunda

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Physical Cover
Digital Cover
The One
4th part 1... Dasi Geotneunda (다시 걷는다; Walkin' Again)
  1. Do It For You (featuring Gong Hyung Jin, Su Ho, Woo Ri)
  2. Cheongugeul Geodda (천국을 걷다; Walk to Heaven)
  3. Byeol Cheoreom (별처럼; Like a Star) (duet with Taeyeon)
  4. Geumanhae (그만해; Stop It)
  5. Dasi Salanghagi (다시 사랑하기; To Love Again)
  6. Geulaesseum Johgessda (그랬음 좋겠다; I Wish You Well)
  7. Geugose Geudaega (For J-han) (그곳에 그대가 ; You Are Still There)
  8. Cheongugeul Geodda (Inst.) (천국을 걷다)
  9. Byeol Cheoreom (Inst.) (별처럼)
  10. Do It For You (Radio ED.) (featuring Su Ho, Woo Ri)


4th part 1... Dasi Geotneunda is the fourth album released by The One. The song "Cheongugeul Geodda" was used as the lead track. The track "Byeol Cheoreom" was released as a digital single two months earlier.

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