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5 (Big Mama)

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Album Cover
Big Mama
  1. Fire
  2. Beautiful Day
  3. Gidarida Michyeo (기다리다 미쳐; Go Crazy Waiting for You)
  4. Taeuda (태우다; Burn)
  5. Sonyeoreul Saranghan (Park Min Hye, Lee Young Hyun) (소녀를 사랑한 소나무; The Pine Tree that Loved a Girl)
  6. Haruman (하루만; Just One Day)
  7. Jobeun Haneul (Shin Yeon Ah solo) (좁은 하늘; Narrow Sky)
  8. Ojik Sarang (Lee Ji Young solo) (오직 사랑; Only Love)
  9. Rainbow Dream (feat. MJ)
  10. Daylight
  11. Uri, Gyeolhonhaeyo (Shin Yeon Ah, Lee Ji Young) (우리, 결혼해요; We Are Getting Married)
  12. Geunarui Urin (Lee Young Hyun solo) (그날의 우린; Us in Those Days)
  13. The Way (Park Min Hye solo)
  14. Sarang (사랑; Love)
  15. Honjanmal (Accoustic Ver.) (혼잣말; Monologue)


5 is Big Mama's fifth album. The song "Gidarida Michyeo" was used as lead track. Each Big Mama member has a solo song featured on the album, and it also includes two duets between the members.

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