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A Love Confession

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Album Cover
Tae Wan
A Love Confession
  1. Intro - Wake Up Call (feat. Heo Young Ran)
  2. Candle Night (feat. M.A.R.S)
  3. Eojjeoda (어쩌다; How Come)
  4. Nalan Salam (나란 사람; Who I Am)
  5. Step By Step (feat. Double K)
  6. My Shorty (feat. J-Dogg, N-Son)
  7. Intermission - Hear This (feat. M.D)
  8. Crazy Luv
  9. Seoninjang (선인장; Cactus)
  10. Intermission - In The Street (feat. LowDown Players)
  11. Watch Out! (feat. Wheesung, UMC, Deudgi)
  12. Sweety (feat. Verbal Jint, Deudgi)
  13. Intermission - Playa Playa (feat. SL-Playas)
  14. Mulleoseo (물러서; Step Back) (feat. Cho PD)
  15. Luv Is Real
  16. Happiness


A Love Confession is the debut album released by Tae Wan.

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