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Ai to Makoto~ Yamato & Love xxx

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CD+Blu-ray Cover
CD Only Cover
Ai to Makoto~YAMATO & LOVE××× (愛と誠; Love and Truth)
Catalog Number
VTZL-133 (CD+Blu-ray)
VTCL-60455~6 (CD Only)
¥4,500 (CD+Blu-ray)
¥3,800 (CD Only)
YAMATO Tracklist
  1. Ai to Makoto (愛と誠; Love and Truth)
  2. Yuukyou Seishunka (勇侠青春謳; Chivalrous Youth Song)
  3. Kamikaze (神風; Divine Wind)
  4. Riku to Umi to Sora to (陸と海と空と; The Land and Sea and Sky)
  5. Sensou to Heiwa (戦争と平和; War and Peace)
  6. Valkyrja~Kishi Otome (騎士乙女; Knight Maiden)
  7. Zekkoku TEMPEST (絶國TEMPEST; Extinct Country TEMPEST)
  8. Shoujo Junketsu (少女殉血; Girl Martyr)
  9. Seiran Keppuuroku (青嵐血風録; Record of Bloodshed in Mountain Air)
  10. Hayabusa no Shirobara (隼の白バラ; Falcon's White Rose)
  11. Hana to Ryuu (花と龍; Flowers and Dragons)
  13. Eikyuu Kaigenrei (永久戒厳令; Permanent Martial Law)
  14. Minu Tomo e(見ぬ友へ; To an Unseen Friend)
  15. Kono Kuni no Mukou ni (この國の向こうに; Beyond This Country)
  16. Chinkonshou (鎮魂頌; Eulogy for the Repose of Souls)
LOVE××× Tracklist
  1. Kochou Yume Shinjuu (胡蝶夢心中; Butterfly's Dream of Lovers' Suicide)
  2. Yuugetsu Renka (遊月恋歌; Evening Moon Love Song)
  3. BAR Suifuyou e Douzo (BAR酔芙蓉へどうぞ; Welcome to the Cotton Rosemellow BAR)
  4. Mantasu no Yuushuu Fujin (真夏の憂愁夫人; Madam Midsummer Melancholy)
  5. Mitsubara Teien (蜜薔薇庭園; Honey Rose Garden)
  6. Rose Moon
  7. Gekkouya (月光夜; Moonlit Night)
  8. Hibotan (緋紅的牡丹; Scarlet Peony)
  10. Bara Shoukan (薔薇娼館; Rose Brothel)
  11. Shuudouin no Haitei nite (修道院の廃庭にて; At the Abandoned Abbey Courtyard)
  12. Shunsou (春葬; Spring Burial)
  13. Yami no Tsubasa de Subete wo Tsutsumu Yoru no Tame no Aria (闇の翼ですべてをつつむ夜のためのアリア; Aria for the Night When Everything is Wrapped With the Wing of Darkness)
  14. Seigetsuya (星月夜; Starry Night)
  15. Kyougetsutei de Aimashou (共月亭で逢いましょう; Let's Meet in the Month Where We Were Together)
  16. Adieu
Blu-ray Tracklist
  1. Ai to Makoto MV


Ai to Makoto~YAMATO & LOVE××× is the 11th best album released by ALI PROJECT, and the second best album released to commemorate ALI PROJECT's 25th anniversary in 2017. The 'YAMATO' disc features "powerful and brave songs about Japan", a popular theme in ALI PROJECT's works, and one new song. "Passionate and beautiful ballads about love" were chosen for the 'LOVE×××' disc. The album reached #42 on the Oricon weekly charts, charted for two weeks, selling 2,138 copies

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - 32 47 20 - - 42 1,865
- - - - - - - 214 273

Total Reported Sales: 2,138

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