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ALI PROJECT promoting Fantasia (2019)

ALI PROJECT, known colloquially as Alipro, is a two member Japanese pop unit. The group's music can generally be described as pop, though they have delved into genres like progressive rock, art rock, gothic rock, and others such as new wave and dark wave.

They formed in 1985 as Ari Project (蟻プロジェクト) and debuted with the album Gensou Teien under an indies label in January of 1988. In 1992 the group changed their name to what it is today when they signed with the major label Toshiba EMI; their first major effort, "Koiseyo Otome ~Love story of ZIPANG~", was released in July of 1992.

They are currently signed with the major labels Victor Entertainment Inc. (1996~) (currently flying DOG sub-label since 2008~), Tokuma Japan Communications (2001~), and Lantis (2012~) main label after the merging of it's sub-labels. Since their debut they have been under numerous labels, Polygram (1988), Polydor Records (1988 & 1996), Toshiba EMI (1992~1995), Nippon Columbia (1998), ATMARK CORPORATION (2003), Frontier Works (2004), ON THE RUN (2004~2005), their own label ZAZOU Records (1999~2000) and the Lantis sub-labels MellowHead (2006~2010), and GloryHeaven (2009~2010).



Ari Project circa 1988
ALI PROJECT early 1990's
ALI PROJECT promoting "Kinjirareta Asobi" (2004)
ALI PROJECT promoting Keikan Shijin SINGLE COLLECTION PLUS (2008)
ALI PROJECT promoting Gothic Opera (2010)
ALI PROJECT promoting Gansakushi (2012)
ALI PROJECT promoting Ryuukou Sekai (2014)
ALI PROJECT promoting Kairaku no Susume (2015)
ALI PROJECT promoting A Kyuu Kaigenrei (2016)
ALI PROJECT promoting Ai to Makoto~YAMATO & LOVE××× (2017)
ALI PROJECT promoting Geijutsu Hentairon (2018)

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ALI PROJECT Takarano Arika Photo & Essay "Mitsubaara Togebara"

  • [2010.09.27] ALI PROJECT Takarano Arika Photo & Essay "Mitsubaara Togebara" (宝野アリカ 写真&執筆集 蜜薔薇、棘薔薇)

Band Scores

Yasashii Piano Solo ALI PROJECT Yasashii Piano Solo ALI PROJECT 2

  • [2008.09.11] Yasashii Piano Solo ALI PROJECT (やさしいピアノ・ソロ)
  • [2009.09.04] Yasashii Piano Solo ALI PROJECT 2 (やさしいピアノ・ソロ)

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