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Zettai Ongaku

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Album Cover
Zettai Ongaku (絶対音楽)
Catalog Number
  1. Romance
  2. Les Papillons
  3. Arabesque Romanesque
  4. Visconti Chic
  5. Yawarakana Hada (柔らかな肌; Soft Skin)
  6. Café du Soleil
  7. Tsuki no Naka no Shoujo (月のなかの少女; The Girl in the Moon)
  8. gai désespoir
  9. Platanus no Hazue ni Kaze wa Nemuru (プラタナスの葉末に風は眠る; The Wind is Sleeping on the Leaf Tips of a Sycamore)
  10. Étoiles
  11. Gothic Opera
  12. Magritte Et Georgette
  13. Inishi e Hito no Kotoba (いにしへひとの言葉; One Word to the Past)
  14. Kono Kuni yo Shizuka ni Mezametamae (この國よ静かに目覚めたまえ; This Country, Please Quietly Awaken)
  15. Sonata of Ember Glance
  16. Dignity of the Orient (Newly Recorded Bonus Track)
  17. Gekkou Soiree (月光ソワレ; Moonlight Party)


Zettai Ongaku is the tenth best-of album released by ALI PROJECT. The album reached #84 on the Oricon charts and charted for two weeks, selling 1,513 copies.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- - - - - - - 84 1,212
- - - - - - - 298 301

Total Reported Sales: 1,513

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