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Geijutsu Hentairon

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Limited Edition Cover
Regular Edition Cover
Geijutsu Hentairon (芸術変態論; Theory of Art Transformation)
Catalog Number
TKCU-78108 (Limited Edition)
TKCU-78109 (Regular Edition)
¥3,889 (Limited Edition)
¥2,870 (Regular Edition)
CD 1 Tracklist
  1. Geijutsu Hentairon (芸術変態論; Theory of Art Transformation)
  2. Tailor T no Henshintan (Tailor Tの変身譚; Tailor T's Transformation Tale)
  3. Yamatoism (ヤマトイズム)
  4. Shoujo Konchuuki (少女昆蟲記; Girl's Entomological Memoirs)
  5. Gankyuu Roman (眼球ロマン; Eyeball Romance)
  6. Aozora (青空; Blue Sky)
  7. Kiwamareri (極まれり; The Extreme)
  8. Aru Shuudoushi no Kokkai (或る修道士の告解; A Certain Monk's Confession)
  9. Tango Dada (タンゴ ダダ)
  10. Freak Out (Instrumental)
  11. Miwaku Geki (魅惑劇; Bewitching Theatre) (Regular Edition Only)
  1. Butou Kumo Midnight (舞踏蜘蛛ミッドナイト; Dancing Spider Midnight) (from TOUR 2007 & TOUR 2009)
  2. Jigoku no Kyuuketsu Parade (地獄の吸血パレード; Vampire Parade from Hell) (from TOUR 2008)
  3. Han Shinnihon Shugi TOUR 2010 (汎新日本主義TOUR 2010; Pan-New Japanism)
  4. Kyoumu Densen Carnaval LIVE 2012 (凶夢伝染カルナバルLIVE 2012; Nightmare Contagion Carnaval)
  5. Shingi Gansaku Hakuran Kai TOUR 2012 (真偽贋作博覧会TOUR 2012; Genuine Counterfeiters Exposition Meeting)
  6. Reijo Bara Zukan Kokyaku Etsuran Kai TOUR 2013 (令嬢薔薇図鑑顧客閲覧会TOUR 2013; Lady Rose's Picture Book, Open for Visitors Meeting)
  7. Ryuukou Sekai Kansen TOUR 2014 (流行世界感染TOUR 2014; Fashion World Infection)
  8. Club Epicurean Keraku Kokankai no Susume TOUR 2015 (倶楽部エピキュリアン快楽交歓会のススメTOUR 2015; Recommentations of Club Epicurean's Pleasure Exchange Meeting)
  9. A-Kyuu Kaigenrei~Shitagawazaru Mono Kuubekarazu TOUR 2016 (A級戒厳令~従わざるもの喰うべからずTOUR 2016; A-Class Martial~He Who Doesn't Work, Neither Shall He Eat)
  10. Chi to Mitsu~Gothic Lolita Hen TOUR 2017 (血と蜜~Gothic Lolita編TOUR 2017; Blood and Honey~Gothic Lolita Chapter)
  11. Chi to Mitsu~Gothic Horror Hen TOUR 2017 (血と蜜~Gothic Horror編TOUR 2017; Blood and Honey~Gothic Horror Chapter)
  12. Ai to Makoto~YAMATO&LOVE××× LIVE 2017 (愛と誠~YAMATO&LOVE×××LIVE 2017; Love and Truth)
  13. Geijutsu Hentairon TOUR 2018 (芸術変態論TOUR 2018; Theory of Art Transformation)


Geijutsu Hentairon is the seventeenth studio album by ALI PROJECT. It comes in two versions. A regular edition, on which a self cover of Miwaku Geki is recorded. This song was made by ALI PROJECT for the Ensemble Stars! franchise. The limited edition comes with a second CD, on which the opening songs of all previous tours are recorded. The album reached #34 on the Oricon weekly charts and charted for three weeks.

Oricon Chart Positions

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun Week Rank Sales
- x x x x x x 34 x,xxx
x x x x x x x x x,xxx
x x x x x x x x x,xxx

Total Reported Sales: x,xxx*

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