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Aizawa Risa

Aizawa Risa promoting "Shoudouteki S/K/S/D" (2021)

Aizawa Risa (相沢梨紗) is a Japanese singer and the leader of the idol group Dempagumi.inc.


  • Current Stage Name: Aizawa Risa (相沢梨紗)
  • Former Stage Name: Nishimura Meme (西村めめ)
  • Nickname: Risachii (りさちー)
  • Birthdate: August 2
  • Birthplace: Toyonaka, Osaka, Japan
  • Blood Type: A
  • Hobbies: Horror and overseas dramas
  • Specialties: Wild ideas, making Indian curry, making bread and hand-dripped coffee
  • Member Color: White
  • Bands / Groups:


  • Otaku Genre: 2.5 Dimension

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