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Arai Akino

Arai Akino (2009)

Arai Akino (新居昭乃) is a Japanese musician widely known among anime fans for doing the themes of Outlaw Star, Tokyo Underground, KURAU Phantom Memory, and several more. She has collaborated frequently with artists in composition, lyrics, and vocals, including ZABADAK

Arai is often compared with Sakamoto Maaya for their prominence in anime and easy-listening music, although Arai has been around longer than Sakamoto. At the age of 50 she is still touring and releasing new original music.



As a child, Arai Akino learned how to play the organ in kindergarten, and her parents bought her a piano in order for her to sing and make music. She would listen to classical music collections her parents had, along with works by Daniel Vidar. She was also exposed to Led Zeppelin from her younger brother and Pink Floyd from a friend. In addition, she loved reading The Diary of Anne Frank after graduating elementary school.

Arai debuted in July 1986 with the single Yakusoku, which was used as the theme for Windaria. She began working with many artists, including Tane Tomoko (who would become her best friend) and the band PSY-S. Arai continued to compose, write, and sometimes sing the themes for anime, commercials, and other artists. She was also the vocalist of the unit Goddess In the Morning.

After nearly five years of no releases under her own name, Arai returned to singing and releasing her own music in 1997 with the best-of album Sora no Mori. The albums to follow in 2000 and 2001 ranked high on the Oricon. She also had her own radio show, Viridian House, from 1997 to 2005.



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  • [2019.12.18] Tsubame (ツバメ; Swallow)


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